Gym Memberships vs Adjustable Dumbbells

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Adjustable Dumbbells on a stand
By Sesh Duval

A BuffDuck Board Contributor

A quality dumbbell set is a convenient solution for fitness enthusiasts who want to work out from home. Gym memberships can be financially onerous when considering the monthly membership fees and the gasoline needed for commuting back and forth several times a week. Gyms often have overcrowded workout spaces and most of your time at the gym can be spent waiting in line for your turn on the exercise machines!

An hour long workout session can easily stretch to two or three by the time you make your way back home from the gym. With a single pair of adjustable weights, you will be able to sneak in a quick strength-focused workout from home without disrupting the rest of your day.

What's So Great About Adjustable Dumbbells?

A gym with exercise machines and equipment

Home workouts are an excellent way to train without a lot of space or equipment, making them perfect for people living in apartments with limited space. Many online workout programs use a large number of dumbbells which can be compacted all into one adjustable dumbbell. Once you know how, it doesn’t take much time to get the hang of using adjustable dumbbells effectively for maximum results.

Unlike machines that target only one group of muscles at a time, dumbbell exercises are very versatile and can work multiple muscle groups at the same time providing one of the most efficient ways to build whole body strength.

A dumbbell set provides versatility that exercise machines just do not have. For instance, exercise machines are usually focused on a very specific muscle group and they may not work the weaker muscles of your body. Free weights such as dumbbells allow you to focus on specific muscle groups and gives you more freedom than an exercising machine would.

Although they are more expensive than regular dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells work well for both men or women and come in many styles. They offer a comfortable handle that can also hold a large selection of weights. Instead of purchasing a huge collection of dumbbells of various weights, adjustable dumbbells compacts it all into one convenient package.


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Adjustable dumbbell sets can range from 3 lbs–24 lbs, 5 lbs–52.5 lbs, and 10 lbs–90 lb increments. One can increase the weight of the dumbbell by using an adjusting mechanism that usually changes in 3 or 5 lb increments, making it fast and easy without disrupting your workout routine. Because of their compact size, these weights are especially useful in small apartments (especially in Seattle).

Dumbbell sets offer a number of benefits that can be highly valuable in a busy lifestyle. Home workouts are great because they can easily fit into even the busiest of schedules. Adjustable dumbbells are a convenient tool that any person interested in fitness should have at home.

Sesh Duval is a writer for the BuffDuck Board and has been writing for various publications throughout the Puget Sound area for two years.

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