Repel Negative Thoughts With Meditation

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By Sesh Duval

A BuffDuck Board Contributor

Thoughts can get in the way of personal progress unless we learn to let them come and go like waves crashing on the shore. Too often, distractions cloud our minds when trying to focus on a task at hand.

Meditation is a technique that teaches you how to focus during the present moment. One of meditation’s benefits is it’s ability to help you improve your performance and feel happier. Effective meditation is a skill that must be practiced often, so you may be asking, where can I start with it?

Paying Attention to Your Breath

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A basic meditation technique for beginners is put very simply by Berkeley “to focus your attention on your breath“. When you focus on rhythmic breathing, you can release tension, anxiety and negative thoughts that control your moods and actions. During meditation, instead of focusing on one’s breath, other senses can take center stage for many people and keep them from fully enjoying their time. When you are meditating before an activity and find yourself distracted by what is happening around you, use the techniques that you learn from meditation to maintain your focus.

When you’re sitting in a meditative state, physical sensations can be triggers for thoughts that cause your focus to wander. For example, if you smell someone cooking toast in the room next door, your stomach may growl for lunch; you may start thinking about what to make yourself for lunch instead of staying focused on the current moment. Dedicated meditation helps you learn to let these impulses come and go like ocean waves

Turn Negative thoughts into Positive and Affirmative Action

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Negative thoughts can be self-defeating, hindering our ability to move forward in pursuit of new goals. During meditation, we can train our mind to allow positive or negative thoughts to come and go without attaching too much energy or importance to them.

If you’ve never played a sport, your fear of looking like a newbie may cause you to think that you will do something wrong and look incompetent. Instead, dismiss these fears, remember to breathe, and turn these negative thoughts into positive action and give it your best.

Using Meditation to Manage Your Emotions

Even during the most stressful moments, meditation can help you find inner peace and stay strong.

When receiving criticism, it can be hard to respond rationally. When we are criticized, it is common to feel hurt and angry because we believe that we are giving our best effort. It is important that you do not let these emotions control your actions.

It's Not Easy, But It Works

If you practice meditation regularly, know that it is an outlet for regaining power and strength. Deep breathing helps you relax and stay composed in the face of conflict.

Meditation can be a challenge for some people, but often the reason is because the mind is a trap that causes us to act in ways that are detrimental to our goals and beliefs. If you free your mind of controlling thoughts, your body will relax and make it easier for you to handle the things life throws your way.

Sesh Duval is a writer for the BuffDuck Board and has been writing for various publications throughout the Puget Sound area for two years.

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